Prosecutor's Office

The Tucson City Prosecutor’s Office is the Criminal Division of the Tucson City Attorney’s Office. 

About Us

The Tucson City Prosecutor's Office is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor crimes committed inside the city limits and cited by the Tucson Police Department.  Additionally, this office prosecutes certain offenses committed in the city limits and cited by Pima Animal Care Center (PACC).  Each year, our office prosecutes approximately 50,000 criminal charges in Tucson City Court.

To ensure the safety of Tucson's residents and guests, we maintain high standards in following the laws and respecting the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Arizona.  Our prosecutors and staff endeavor to aggressively pursue accountability for criminal behavior, while treating the accused fairly and with respect.   We stand up for victims' rights and the interest of the citizens of Tucson in maintaining a high quality of life.

Contacting Us

Please have all paperwork associated with your matter so that we may give you prompt and complete customer service.

This information could include
  1. Docket number of the case
  2. Citation number associated with the case
  3. Type of case, sometimes referred to by the type of charge or offense
  4. Name of the defendant (the person charged)
  5. Name of the victim(s)
  6. Name of the witness(es)
  7. Date of the offense
  8. Location of the incident associated with the charge
  9. Has defendant/victim been to court in the matter
  10. Is defendant/victim represented by an attorney
  11. Name of the prosecutor assigned to the case
  12. Name of the judge assigned to the case
  13. Status of the case (pending, disposed, in warrant status, under appeal).