How To Make Fine Payments

Fines are due in full on the day of sentencing. There are payment options to help avoid the inconvenience and time associated with coming to the courthouse, such as mail and web payments.


In Person:

Pay with cash, cashier’s check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, Discover at the Public Services Lobby, 103 E. Alameda, Tucson, AZ.

Please note: The Public Service Information Booth will give out last number at 4:30 pm.


Mail Payments: (Payments must be received on or before court date)

Civil Traffic Citations: Fill out the brochure given to you by law enforcement, enclose payment (cashier’s check, money order or check payable to City of Tucson) or pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover) and mail to Tucson City Court, PO Box 27210, Tucson, AZ 85726-7210. If you did not receive a copy of the brochure, please click on Civil Traffic Bond Card, for a printable copy. For the Spanish version of the Civil Traffic Bond Card, click on Programa de Fianzas.

Parking Citations: Fill out the information on the parking citation and follow the process listed above for Civil Traffic Citations.


Online Payment Options:

  • If you are paying all of your charges in full on or before your court date, please visit our payment Website at Tucson Court Web Pay. Web pay will not accept payments if it is past your court date shown on your citation. You must contact the court at 520-791-4216.

Please note :If you wish to show proof in order to qualify for a reduced fine/suspension of fine/dismissal of fine, you must appear in person with the proof or mail a copy of the proof to the Court. Proof and/or payments must be received on or before your court date.

  • Click here if you received a notice from LDC Collection Systems, OR if your notice states "NOTICE OF DELINQUENT ACCOUNT".