How To File a Records Request

To obtain copies of City Court records, complete the records request form on the web or Tucson City Court - 103 E Alameda.


Purpose - What is the reason for getting these records (i.e., INS, pre-employment background check, MVD, probation, personal information)


Type of request - Uncertified copies, certified copies, printout of case or violation letter.


To receive a court summary of active and/or terminated files - Submit a request for a "violation letter". The information included in a "violation letter" is: the date of incident/violation, charge(s), sentence or warrant/default status, final disposition.


For copies of criminal violations only - Indicate "criminal charges only".


Processing time - Copies of records are completed in the order they are received  and may take three to five business days (requests for cases that terminated more than one year ago may take more time to complete)


Notification - When your request is completed, court staff will let you know when to pick up your document/s and what the cost will be. You may pick them up at, 103 E Alameda, 4th floor, Room 401. Please wait for court staff to call you.


Court retention of records - Per Arizona State Law, Limited Jurisdiction Courts retain civil traffic and parking cases one year after file termination date (this is the date that the case was terminated/completed, dismissed, paid in full, proof shown, etc.), before destruction of file.


Court retention of criminal records - Criminal misdemeanor, criminal traffic, and city ordinance cases are retained for five years after termination date (this is the date a case was terminated/completed, dismissed, paid in full, time served, etc.), before destruction of the file. DUI and criminal DV cases are retained seven years after termination/completion date.


Court retention of orders of protection records - Protection Orders/Harassment Injunctions may be on file six months to five years, depending upon initiation date of when order was filed. Electronic records may be available if the hard copy is not on file.



Per ARS #22-404 Class E & F Court Fees: Research and Locate Fee: $17.00 per case. Minimum Clerk Fee: $17.00 per case.


Beginning May 3, 2010, a revised Record Request Fee policy will be implemented. The fees assessed are outlined below.


Research/Locate Fee - $17.00

  • Request for Copies of File. Requests made wherein copies of documents within a specific file are requested, a $17.00 Research/Locate” fee as well as a $0.50 per copy fee will be assessed.
  • Requests to Review Case Files. Requestor will be charged a $17.00 Research/Locate fee for retrieval of three files or less. The inclusion of a fourth case will support the imposition of an additional $17.00 Research/Locate fee and an additional fee for each grouping of four case files thereafter. If copies are requested, a $0.50 per copy fee will be assessed. Customers may "view only" files in Court Services located on the 4th floor, Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 4 PM.
  • Copy of Digital Recording. $17.00 Research/Locate fee will be assessed for each CD requested.


Clerk Fee - $17.00

  • Violation Letter. A Violation Letter lists the dispositions for each charge violation related to the case. A $17.00 clerk fee will be assessed per case file. If a request is made for more than one case file, the fee will be applied to each docket separately.
  • No Record Found Letter. For requests where a name search or a specific docket is researched and there is no information found within the case management system, a No Record Found letter will be generated. Imposition of a $17.00 clerk fee will be assessed for this type of letter.
  • Printouts. For printouts made from the Case Management System or Quick Defendant Records Search application for a specific docket number, a $17.00 clerk fee will be assessed for three files or less. The inclusion of a fourth printout would support the imposition of an additional $17.00 clerk fee and an additional $17.00 fee for each grouping of four printouts thereafter. Printouts cannot be certified.


Certification Fee - no charge

  • Certified Copies. Requests for certified copies of a case file will be charged as follows: $17.00 Research/Locate fee per docket.

No Charge

There will be no charge for accessing court records through the Supreme Court Website or the Tucson Court records search website.


To File A Record Request

See below for the options on submitting a Record Requests. On your request, if you are not using the form provided by the Court, please make sure to include your name, docket number, address, telephone number and a detailed description of what you are requesting. You may obtain the record request form here.

  • Mail. If the request is routed through the mail, please address to Tucson City Court, PO Box 27210, Tucson AZ 85726, Attn: Record Requests.
  • Fax. Fax record requests to Court Services, 791-5488.
  • E-mail. Email your record request to  Website may also be accessed on the Tucson City Court home page
  • In Person. You may file a record request in person at Tucson City Court, 4th floor, Room 401.


Processing of Record Request

Most record requests will be processed within 3 to 5 business days. You will receive a phone call notifying you that the request is completed. Pickup your completed requests at Tucson City Court, 103 E Alameda, 4th floor, Room 401.


Methods of Payment

Methods of payment accepted by the Court are cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Cashier’s checks or pre-printed personal checks.