How To File an Appeal Request

To Appeal Your Case – The guidelines are listed below: What is an appeal?

An appeal is a review by a higher court (Pima County Superior Court) for cases originally heard in a lower court (City Court, Justice Court, etc.). This review is to determine whether something improper occurred during the proceeding. No new evidence may be introduced. After review, the case is remanded (returned to) the sentencing court either affirming or dismissing the original decision.


Basis for filing an appeal

Your appeal will have to be based upon legal grounds, not just because you did not agree with the outcome. Copies of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Tucson City Code are available at the Pima County Public Library and the University of Arizona Law Library for you to research. The Tucson Municipal Code is also available on the web.


Appeal filing deadline

Your appeal must be filed within 14 calendar days of your sentencing date. If the 14 day falls on a day that the court is closed, you will have until the next business day to file your appeal. An appellant memorandum (explanation based on legal grounds) must be filed within 60 days from the last day that the appeal could be filed.



Trials and civil hearings at City Court are digitally recorded. If the hearing was less than ninety minutes in duration, one CD is forwarded to Superior Court per ARS 22-404. There is a $17.00 fee charged for the reproduction of the digital recording that is forwarded to Superior Court. Additional copies are available for $17.00 per CD. Hearings that are more than ninety minutes in duration require a written transcript. City Court charges $4.00 per page (average cost for ninety minutes of transcription is approximately $480.00). Half of the estimated cost is required in advance, before the transcript is ordered. You may apply for a waiver of these fees from the sentencing judge.


Notification of filing

Once the appeal has been perfected, Superior Court will notify you that they have received your appeal and that the appeal fee (payable to Superior Court) must be paid by the date noted on your paperwork.


Completion of appeal process

You will be notified of the decision and the court documents will be returned to the originating court. If a court date is scheduled you will be notified of the date, time, and location.