Fines/Fees and Restitution


This program was developed in 2003 to assist Arizona courts with the collection of fines assessed on civil traffic, criminal traffic, and criminal cases.  It is a collaborative effort between the Arizona Supreme Court (Administrative Office of the Courts), the Motor Vehicle Division, Arizona Department of Revenue, this court, and a private vendor. 


Several things happen once a case is assigned to the FARE collection program: 

  • The amount due increases to include collection fees. 
  • Court Staff are prohibited from setting payment plans.   
  • If the court case in question  involves a civil traffic violation, your drivers license will be suspended. 
  • If the case involves a civil or criminal traffic violation, you may be assigned to the TTEAP program.  Assignment to TTEAP will prevent any car where you are listed on the registration from being registered. 
  • All cases assigned to FARE can be collected via an interception of any state income tax refund due to you each year.
  • Assignment to the FARE program can impact your credit history.