Tucson City Court

To Serve the Community and Protect Individual Rights by Providing Prompt and Fair Administration of Justice

Tucson City Court is a limited jurisdiction court of non-record, which employs approximately 121 court staff and 13 judges. The Court is responsible for adjudicating charges and enforcing court ordered sanctions within the limits of the City of Tucson. The types of charges (cases) we adjudicate are:

  • Criminal Misdemeanors: Prostitution, shoplifting, criminal damage, etc.
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases
  • Criminal Traffic: Speeding 20 miles over the limit, drag racing, reckless driving, etc.
  • Civil Traffic: Speeding, red light, insurance, expired registration, equipment violations, etc.
  • Parking: Violations of City parking ordinances
  • Civil Ordinance Violations: Zoning, neighborhood preservation ordinances, etc.
  • Orders of Protection and Injunctions against Harassment

Another aspect of the court is to instill respect for the law and modify behavior so that citizens do not become repeat offenders. This is accomplished through various diversion programs and the imposition of sanctions, such as community service and fines.

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